In Kisumu County the rate of HIV/AIDS in the population is at almost 20%. Orphans are raised by relatives, who often don´t have the means to take care of their own children, let alone send them to school. Poor health and the impact of poverty confine the ability of the children to perform. Through the sponsorship program DfA ensures that these children are well cared for.

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School Education and Vocational Training in Kenya

The Kenyan school system is similar to the British system. Children go to primary school for eight years and attend secondary school for four years after that.

It is important to us to provide the children with a school education and vocational training of high quality, that will enable them to find employment or go into business successfully. If possible, we send them to boarding schools, where they can learn in a quiet and stable environment and don´t have to work for their families. Apart from school fees this requires money for school uniforms, books and accommodation. Our partners manage the project in Kenya and stay in direct contact with the children. They ensure that the children are well cared for at all times. A good school education provides the children with a perspective in life and gives them a chance for a better life.

DfA places an emphasis on transparent and personal sponsorships. As a sponsor you will receive three billings with all costs a year. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to stay in contact with the child through writing letters. It is important to us that you can follow the development and progress of the child. We regularly organize trips for sponsors, where we offer the opportunity to get to know Kenya and visit the sponsored children in their homes.

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How the sponsorship project works



A committee of widows and Franciscan Sisters chooses the most vulnerable children for being admitted into the program.



We look for sponsors in Germany. They take over a sponsorship on their own or together with friends or colleagues.



Financial statements will be compiled every trimester on the basis of the submitted cost documents and sent to all sponsors individually.



The sponsored children write to their sponsors regularly. With the older children the communication via WhatsApp or e-mail is a possibility. Sponsors can also visit the children in Kenya.