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Dental Voluntary Services in Kenya

Dental voluntary services are possible for dentists, dental technologists and dental assistants. The minimum duration is two weeks. During your voluntary service you will work in one of the dental units that have been established by DfA, together with our Kenyan staff. The dental units are located in hospitals that are run by our project partners. They also serve as base for mobile outreach programs in far off, rural areas and prophylactic measures at local schools. Accommodation and food is provided in each of our stations.

    planed duration of the assignment in weeks:
    There is room here for further comments, for example on desired locations, accompanying dental assistants or other fellow travelers, previous experience with relief missions abroad, etc.

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    Our Dental Units in Kenya

    Dental care for people in Kenya

    Our dental units are located in rural areas of western Kenya and the slums in the cities Nairobi and Nakuru. They are equipped with new air-controlled treatment units. The dental treatment spectrum includes conserving treatments, prophylaxis and dental surgery.
    An important addition everyday work in the dental practices are mobile outreach programs in remote areas. All necessary instruments and equipment such as a mobile treatment unit, autoclave and generator are packed and brought to the site by our team. These outreach programs are usually attended by a lot of patients and thus so that mainly pain treatments are carried out. Patients will then have the opportunity to visit the closest dental unit for further treatment.
    If you are interested: Please fill in our registration form. We will then contact you with detailed information.

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    Unsere Zahnstationen in Kenia

    Unsere Zahnarztpraxen sind in den ländlichen Regionen Westkenias und den Slums der Großstädte Nairobi und Nakuru gelegen und mit neuen, luftgesteuerten Behandlungseinheiten ausgestattet. Das zahnmedizinische Behandlungsspektrum umfasst konservierende Behandlungsmaßnahmen, Prophylaxe und zahnärztliche Chirurgie.
    Neben der Arbeit in den Zahnarztpraxen ist der Arbeitsalltag in Kenia durch mobile Einsätze in entlegenen Regionen geprägt, die mehrmals wöchentlich stattfinden. Alle notwendigen Instrumente und Gerätschaften wie mobile Behandlungseinheit, Autoklav und Generator werden dazu eingepackt und gemeinsam mit dem Behandlungsteam zum Einsatzort gebracht. In der Regel besteht dort hoher Behandlungsbedarf, so dass vor allem Schmerzbehandlungen durchgeführt werden. Die Patienten haben dann die Möglichkeit zur Weiterbehandlung die Zahnstationen aufzusuchen.
    Bei Interesse: Füllen Sie bitte unser Anmeldeformular aus. Wir melden uns dann bei Ihnen mit ausführlichen Informationen zu Ihrem Einsatz in Kenia.

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