Executive Board

The people behind Dentists for Africa.

The board meets in person at least twice a year. Video conferences are held monthly to advance DfA's development, keep existing projects on track, and develop new content.

  • Dr. Schinkel is the initiator of Dentists for Africa and 1st Chairman since 1999. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2018 for his commitment to DfA.
    Dr. Hans-Joachim Schinkel
  • Dr. Bernd Benedix is second chairman and responsible on the board for the central warehouse in Kenya, which provides dental materials for our dental practices.
    Dr. Bernd Benedix
  • As Secretary General of Dentists for Africa, Dr. Dierck keeps in touch with contacts in professional and federal politics.
    Dr. Peter Dierck
  • Sigrun Rittrich is the person responsible for the sponsorship project on the board. She is also involved in public relations.
    Sigrun Rittrich
  • As an accountant, Rolf Wernicke is master of the numbers for Dentists for Africa, and the DfA headquarters in Weimar shares offices with his company.
    Rolf Wernicke
  • Dr. Bolten has been working for DfA in the area of sponsor acquisition for many years. He is also intensively involved in the further education of dental professionals in Kenya.
    Dr. Dieter Bolten
  • Katharina Mielke is responsible for student dental outreach and also coordinates DfA's Junior Forum.
    Katharina Mielke
  • Florian Lautenbacher is responsible for engaging young activists. He is involved in organizing online seminars and student outreach.
    Florian Lautenbacher
  • Dentist Rolf Austermann is involved in organizing online seminars, which are a focal point of DfA's dental commitment in Kenya.
    Rolf Austermann

Slide Extended-executive board The extended board is an open body of particularly active members of Dentists for Africa who meet at least once a year. As a rule, each member of the extended board has a task that is worked on regularly. These are, for example, the execution of sponsorship settlements, planning of aid transports, technical support, public relations measures and much more.


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