Collection of Old Gold

Gold, silver and palladium used for dental restorations have a high value, even after the removal from the mouth, if metal components are melted out in a separation process. The equivalent of these purified precious metals is credited to Dentists for Africa and is significantly higher than is usually the case with old gold purchases. In addition to tooth gold, it is also possible to donate disused precious metal jewelry.

We use the proceeds from the donations of old metal to improve dental care for people in need in Kenya. Furthermore, part of the money is used to finance the education and vocational training of orphans, to give them a perspective in life.

FAQ Altgoldspende

1Where can I send the old gold to?
Please send your donations of old gold to our office in Weimar, Germany:

Dentists for Africa e.V.
Belvederer Allee 25
99425 Weimar
2What can I send in?
You can send in any disused dental restorations, regardless whether they are made entirely from precious metal or not. A separation of the restoration and the abutment tooth is not necessary. Furthermore, we are always pleased to receive submissions of jewellery containing precious metals from private individuals.
3How is the billing done?
The invoice for the submitted donation of old metal will be compiled according to the weight of your submission.
4Can I get a donation receipt?
You will receive a donation receipt for the submitted amount automatically. When dental practices send in collected old gold donations from your patients, we create a corresponding donation receipt for your patients. Please clarify the details with our office.
5What are the advantages compared to commercial purchases of old gold?
As opposed to commercial purchases of old gold Dentists for Africa receives the actual value of the submitted old gold, as there are no other intermediaries involved. The seperation is handled by the company Heraeus, free of charge. Consequently, DfA is able to utilize the full value of your donations for our projects in Kenya.
6How does DfA support my donation of old gold?
Please contact us about information leaflets for patients, a donation box and the waiver form for the issuing of the donation receipt, which we make available to our donors.